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Season’s greetings. All of us here at Koffee Express want to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New year.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

The huge shopping day is on November 28 and Cyber Monday will happen on December 2, 2019, so it is time to make a shopping plan. We know you want to get the best deals for you and your family. However, you can only get a bargain if you know when sales begin. After all, you could easily miss a Black Friday door if you don’t arrive at the online store at the right time.


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Farmer Brothers Medium Roast Ground Coffee (2 cans/13 oz) $19.99  $17.50

Farmer Brothers Medium Roast Ground Coffee (2 cans/13 oz)

Farmer Brothers Medium Roast Ground Coffee (2 cans/13 oz)

Farmer Brothers Decaf Medium Roast Coffee, 12/2 lb Bags $89.99  $69.99

Farmer Brothers Decaf Medium Roast Coffee, 12/2 lb Bags
Farmer Brothers Decaf Medium Roast Coffee, 12/2 lb Bags

Farmer Brothers Black Iced Tea for Sweetening, 1 box – 24/4 oz  $34.00  $27.00

Farmer Brothers Black Iced Tea for Sweetening, 1 box - 24/4 oz
Farmer Brothers Black Iced Tea for Sweetening, 1 box – 24/4 oz

Farmer Brothers Mello-Cup Ground Coffee, 128/6 oz packets, 2 cases $168.99  $144.00

Farmer Brothers Mello-Cup Ground Coffee, 128/6 oz packets, 2 cases
Farmer Brothers Mello-Cup Ground Coffee, 128/6 oz packets, 2 cases

Folgers 2 Liter 100% Colombian (8) and Folgers 2 Liter 100% Colombian Decaf (4)  $936.00  $835.00

Folgers 2 Liter 100% Colombian (8) and Folgers 2 Liter 100% Colombian Decaf (4)
Folgers 2 Liter 100% Colombian (8) and Folgers 2 Liter 100% Colombian Decaf (4)

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Mornings are better: Jim Beam presents Bourbon flavored coffee

In a developing trend that unites the whiskey and coffee industry, Jim Beam made the mistake (or bean) and decided to take action. To improve the mornings, Jim Beam has partnered with the White Coffee coffee company, based in New York, to bring us Jim Beam coffee.
Amazing mornings, nothing sounds better than an Irish coffee. Especially when you look at your endless meeting schedule and realize that you have just returned from your vacation a few days ago. Unfortunately, being a responsible adult means opting for a cup of Joe without thorns. That’s why Jim Beam and White Coffee decided to improve their mornings a bit. With Jim Beam coffee, you can get the flavor you want with the caffeine you need.


While a normal bag of Jim Beam flavored coffee would be enough, they decided to do their best and offer a variety of flavors to pick from. Tastes include Jim Beam Original, Signature Dark Roast, Cinnamon Stick, Spiced Honey, and Bourbon Vanilla. Non-alcoholic coffees will be offered in single-serving packages and in 12-ounce ground bags, so you can drink responsibly all day. How good does that sweet vanilla flavor sound?

Know the Amazing Role of Coffee in Increasing Human Longevity

Know the Amazing Role of Coffee in Increasing Human Longevity

Coffee is a strong beverage that is preferred by lots of people, as caffeine helps in eliminating lethargy. It is a general idea that too much intake of coffee can be harmful to health and elevate blood pressure. However, modern scientists hold a different opinion, based on their research on this topic. Many of them now claim that coffee helps in boosting the life span of drinkers.

Results obtained from a long survey – A prolonged study was conducted with the data of the U.K. Biobank over millions of people of all age groups. It was found that people drinking more than 8 cups of coffee in a day can avert many fatal ailments. The health conditions of all these people were surveyed for many years and found that they face a much lesser risk of death, compared to other people who do not take coffee. The metabolic rates in the bodies of coffee drinkers are more than that of others, due to the action of caffeine. Thus, these people are saved from fatal cardiovascular diseases, which normally claim many lives.

But people having all other similar habits in case of smoking, drinking, and other parameters of lifestyle were chosen for this survey. These positive results in favor of coffee intake were found applicable for both drinking ordinary coffee and also specially created Moose munch coffee. So people can take all varieties of coffee, as per their own choices. Coffee also contains antioxidants that prevent cellular damage in the body, thus saving people from different types of inflammations. The activity of insulin is also boosted in the body, leading to relief from diabetes-related problems.

The permissible amount of coffee intake – It is not essential for every person to drink 8 cups of coffee daily. The beneficial amount of coffee intake depends on the specific health condition of each individual. Thus, people do not need to increase their coffee intake all of a sudden, for getting the desired longevity. However, the mortality rates of people are proved to decline for increased intake of coffee of all types. But they have also mentioned that overuse of sugar and cream may lead to the rise in blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. The frozen drink mix concentrate of coffee may be beneficial in enhancing the life span of a person, as this product is nutritionally similar to multiple cups of ordinary hot or cold coffee.

However, it is important to drink pure coffee that is prepared by grinding roasted coffee pods plucked directly from plantations.



Few Luxury Varieties of Coffee That Will Restore Your Energy

Coffee is a popular beverage among men and women of all ages. It is produced by roasting and grinding coffee pods, which grow on coffee plants. There are different types of coffee available in the market, based on the varieties of coffee plants cultivated in commercial plantations. Some of these species of coffee plants are naturally grown and there are artificial cultivars created as well. Moreover, other ingredients are now mixed to create more delicious varieties of coffee that impress all coffee-lovers.


Coffee cappuccino – It is a special coffee that is very popular among the Italians and a must at their breakfast. A cup of cappuccino is made with three layers; starting with espresso coffee that is made by boiling water with powdered coffee beans. Then a second layer of boiling milk is added and finally, a layer of frothy or creamy milk or chocolate powder may be added for a richer flavor.


Café latte – Latte coffee contains one shot of pure coffee and a similar amount of scalded milk that is boiled at a very high temperature. It forms a foamy mixture and it is much different in taste from a cup of flat white coffee. It is the most popular type of coffee all over the world.


Moose munch coffee – Natural whole coffee beans are roasted and cooled in air, to minimize the bitter taste of the coffee powder. Then it may be added with different types of natural or artificial flavors; like milk, caramel, chocolate, and nuts to produce the finally packed Moose Munch coffee. Thus, this rich-flavored coffee can boost the mood of a person when taken in the early morning.


Piccolo latte – In this variety of coffee, a shot of espresso coffee is layered with frothed milk, which is added straight to the coffee mug from the oven. It is different from cappuccino, as no ordinary white milk is added here. It is also known as Macchiato and its flavor is much stronger than that of cappuccino. It is traditional to serve Piccolo latte in comparatively smaller coffee mugs.


Black Russian coffee – Black coffee is mainly meant for those who love a very strong variety of coffee, without adding any milk or other ingredients. Kahlua Black Russian coffee is made by grinding the best quality coffee beans. Then high-quality rum and flavors of vanilla and caramel are added to this coffee powder, which can be brewed just by adding hot water.


There are plenty of other varieties of coffee available in reputed coffee shops. Some varieties, like Moose munch coffee and Kahlua black Russian coffee, are offered in the commercially packed form in the market.


Why anyone can be able to make the Moose munch coffee anywhere

Why anyone can be able to make the Moose munch coffee anywhere

Why anyone can be able to make the Moose munch coffee anywhere

Realizing how to make moose chomp coffee is an aptitude worth having particularly due to the advantages it can bring to one’s residential just as financial life. Locally, the moose chomp drink can be utilized as a way to bond with family. This can be accomplished by uniting the family to make the beverage.

Then again it very well may be utilized as a holding time drink where the family can assemble and share it together. Monetarily or monetarily, it very well may be utilized as a way to bring home the bacon by making it and selling it in return for cash.

The elements of the moose munch coffee

In making the moose munch coffee, there are sure constituents that you should have. These incorporate;

  • 2 3-ounce packs microwave popcorn which is delicately salted and popped.
  • 1 cup of cashews
  • 1 cup entire almonds
  • ½ cup unsalted margarine
  • 1 cup light darker sugar stuffed
  • 1/3 cup dim corn syrup
  • ½ teaspoon fit legitimate salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla concentrate
  • ½ teaspoon heating soft drink
  • 2 ounces white chocolate softened
  • 2 ounces dim chocolate

Guidelines for making the Moose munch coffee

The initial phase in making the beverage is to preheat the broiler to 250 degrees F and gently oil a heating sheet. Next, place the popcorn in an enormous blending bowl alongside the nuts. This is trailed by liquefying the spread in a medium pan over low warmth.

The fourth step is to mix in the darker sugar corn syrup and salt. Increment the warmth to medium and heat the blend to the point of boiling at the same time mixing. At the point when the caramel reaches boiling point, diminish the warmth to medium-low and permit to stew, mixing for 3 minutes or until the temperature is enrolling around 235 degrees F on a sweet thermometer.

Expel the pot from the warmth and blend in the vanilla and preparing soft drink the blend will froth up. Gradually shower the blend over the popcorn while mixing or hurling the popcorn to coat it with the hot caramel.

At the point when the popcorn is very much covered with the caramel, spread it out in an even layer on a lubed preparing sheet. Prepare it from there on for 60 minutes. Permit cooling totally then showering with softened white chocolate and dissolved dull chocolate.

Give the chocolate a chance to set at that point break the moose chomp into lumps and bundle up in artisan containers, paper boxes or cello sacks for gifting.